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Knee Sleeve for Weightlifting (Pair)

Knee Sleeve for Weightlifting (Pair)

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Age: Adult

Material: neoprene

Package: 1 pair 

Thickness: 7MM

Uses: knee support


PREVENT INJURY; SPEED UP RECOVERY: Support Your Knees Like Never Before, Control Swelling, Boost Blood Circulation, Enhance Your Training, Provides Maximum Support During Heavy Lifts

PROTECT YOUR KNEES ; ALLEVIATE PAINS: Comfortable Premium Neoprene, Odor Resistant Fabric, Double Reinforced and Stretchable Nature Ensures Support and Stability. Breathable & amp; Moisture Wicking-Breathable

For sports, CrossFit, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Jumping, Squats, Deadlifts, Fitness, Strength Training, Cycling, Tennis, Baseball, Baseball, Football and Perfect Football for Arthritis. Meniscus and Tendon Tears, ACL and PCL Injuries.

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