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Ankle Strap

Ankle Strap

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Function: Cable Machines Leg Exercises

Workout: Kickback Ankle Straps

Features: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise, Leg Ankle Guard 

This ankle strap is specially designed for lower body exercises by maximizing your lower body exercises focusing on glutes, hamstrings and butt. The adjustable strap allows you to loosen or tighten the cuffs and secure the weights. It is easy to put on and adjusted to your desired fit. Perfect for leg extensions, leg curl and hip abductors. Have one and start exercising now, to get the body you are dreaming of.

  • Material: SBR + Nylon + Stainless steel

D-ring closure design, special for strength training, cable machine workout

Compatible with most cable and weight lifting machine

Provide extra support when lifting heavier weights

Feel both comfortable and secure around your ankles

Free size, fit for most of the ankle size

Color: Pink/Black/Red/Blue/Purple
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